Monday, September 8, 2014

Employment Opportunity at UHY Dawgen Jamaica | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants Blog

Employment Opportunity at UHY Dawgen Jamaica | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants Blog:

UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants is a professional service firm offering a full range of Audit, Accounting, and Taxation Services.
UHY Dawgen is a member of UHY, an association of independent accounting and consultancy firms, whose organizing body is Urbach hacker Young International Limited. Our Membership in UHY allows us to share experiences and know-how with more than 7,000 professionals in the world, to organize multidisciplinary work teams for transnational operations and have access to more than 200 offices around the globe.
Our network of Jamaica offices (Kingston, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Mandeville) ensures that we can provide a local service backed by the expertise of a major national practice.
We now invite Applicants for the following Positions:
  1. Administrative Assistant-Kingston & Montego Bay
  2. Information system officer- Kingston
  3. Senior Auditors-Kingston & Montego Bay
  4. Junior Auditior- Kingston & Montego Bay
  5. Business Development Manager : Montego Bay & Ocho Rios
Interested Applicants should send Application to In addition to completing the Application at the following link: UHY_Dawgen_Application_form (2)

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


The Organisation Chart identifies the positions of every employee in a company from CEO to clerical assistant and determines the hierarchical structure of the organisation. Studies show that
people in the workplace appreciate the organisation chart as an acknowledgement of their individual status and position in the firm and also a tool for aspirational objectives. The work involved is to determine individual positions and grades based on salary, longevity and current status within the firms structure. We will classify individual jobs in relevant Grades and will set out the criteria for each position. Jobs are classified into existing grade/ category structure or hierarchy. Each level in the grade/category structure has a description and associated job titles. To ensure equity in job grading and wage rates, a common set of job
grading standards and instructions are used.


A company’s salary structure is the method of administering its salary philosophy. The two leading types of pay structures are the internal equity method, which uses a tightly constructed grid or matrix to ensure that each job is compensated according to the jobs above and below it in a hierarchy. Then there is market
pricing, where each job in an organization is tied to the prevailing market rate. The main problem when reviewing salaries within an organisation is to not mix the two types of salary philosophy’s and
maintain continuity throughout the process. In our experience salary reviews and grading issues are initially difficult to understand by people but are the backbone of any HR policy and are soon accepted by all employees.


A job description provides a list of the general tasks, functions and responsibilities of a specific position within an organisation. It will include to whom the position reports and who reports to them,
specifications such as the qualifications needed by the person in the job, salary range for the position, and any requirement for particular skill sets. It is the basis of recruitment advertising and employment and should be the first document in a potential employees file and attached to the personnel request form. It
includes information that can be used in the organisation chart and the pay structure. It determines the job role and can be the basis of any interview assessment process.

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Challenging economic times inevitably lead to greater risk of companies encountering financial difficulties.
At times of often intense pressure for business leaders, we are able to provide clients with the assurance of dealing with approachable experts with the commercial awareness, practical skills and understanding to help navigate the best course of action.
Experience of business recovery across a wide variety of industries and circumstances enables specialists to provide an early assessment of potential solutions to your problems, whether a sudden reduction in cash flow or an unpaid debt from a major customer.


Winding up a business is very much regarded as a last resort and, wherever possible, we will look to provide advice on rescuing or restructuring a company to help it return to profitability. What can appear to be an intractable situation can often be resolved through a restructuring of the bank and equity finance or rescheduling of debts.
In circumstances where companies are unable to continue within their existing form, advice is provided on the most suitable options available including administration, liquidation and Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs).


When clients are at risk from financial problems affecting a major customer, partner or supplier, specialist staff are able to provide practical advice on the range of options available to recover debts
or protect assets.
Where necessary, advice can be provided on instigating insolvency procedures and clients represented at creditors’ meetings.
The reach of the UHY global network means our firms also have experience of recovering debts in jurisdictions throughout the world.
Our services focus on our clients’ requirements with a good understanding of their needs.


• Debt collection
• Corporate turnaround
• Asset protection or repossession
• Developing or implementing good management practices
• Refinancing
• Valuations
• Debt management
• Insolvency planning
• Personal liability protection
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Contracts are the foundation to a business’ operations and future potential. Handshakes over lunch and oral agreements can compromise a business and are recipes for future litigation disasters. We at UHY Dawgen have a wealth of knowledge from diverse business sectors. We counsel individual, private and public

companies regarding a full gamut of contract needs. Our para legal contract services are known for being high-quality and cost effective. We gain an insight into your business and seek to uphold the goals you want to achieve with each contract.

Our team of professional staff can assists you with drafting of :

• Shareholders Agreements

• Memorandum of Understanding

• Joint Venture Agreement

• Sale and Purchase Agreements

• Loan Agreements

• Business Transfer Agreement

• Contract Manufacturing Agreement

• Settlement Agreement

• Partnership Agreement

• Representation Agreement

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jamaica Debt Management Report | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants Blog

Jamaica Debt Management Report | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants Blog:

For the first time, the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) will publish its Annual Report and
Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy (MTDS) as stand-alone documents. This is part of its strategic effort to improve information efficacy.
The Annual Report, governed by the Public Debt Management Act 2012 (PDMA) gives details
of the GOJ’s debt and debt management operations for FY 2013/14.
The positive effects of the National Debt Exchange (NDX) executed at the end of FY 2012/13,
were manifested in FY 2013/14. This along with the implementation of several public debt management reform initiatives and the approval of an International Monetary Fund Extended Fund Facility (IMF/EFF) arrangement facilitated the successful financing of the GOJ’s budgetary obligations.
The GOJ reaffirms its commitment to continue pursuing prudent debt management to fund the Budget at minimum cost while maintaining risks at manageable levels. Get E-Copy of Report

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Compound interest restricted under the Money Lending Act | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants Blog

Compound interest restricted under the Money Lending Act | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants Blog:

9. Subject as hereinafter provided, any contract made after the commencement of this Act for the loan of money shall be illegal in so far as it provides directly or indirectly for the payment of compound interest or for the rate or amount of interest being increased by reason of any default in the payment of sums due under the contract Get E-Copy of Money Lending Act

Educational Institutions still Zero-rated for GCT | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants Blog

The Public is advised that all Educational Institutions which previously benefited from
a zero-rating status will retain that status, despite the new requirement for
Government entities to pay GCT on goods and services purchased now being in effect.
As a result, all public and private schools and universities will continue to get their
purchase orders or proforma invoices zero-rated at a tax office.
The continued zero-rating for schools is based primarily on the GCT provision which
allows for goods and services purchased by an educational institution, approved by
the Minister of Education for its own use and so certified by the head of the
Suppliers are therefore advised to honour zero-rated purchase orders presented by the
schools and universities. Such invoices must clearly show the name and TRN of the
school or university and be affixed with the Tax Administration Jamaica purchase
order stamp.
The introduction of GCT on government purchases forms part of the on-going reform
of the Jamaican tax system. This is expected to result in the broadening of the tax
base, increased rate of compliance and ultimately improved revenue collections.
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