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Internationalisation | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants

Internationalisation | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants:

In an increasingly global marketplace, the opportunities from internationalising your business have never been greater.
Accessing foreign markets enables you to reach new customers, take advantage of economies of scale and diversify your market risk. 
Free trade agreements, deregulation and changing global trade patterns are opening up opportunities for investment and expansion in many more markets.
Internationalisation is also no longer just an option for larger corporates, with advances in technology leading to huge opportunities for small and medium sized companies.


The global UHY network is ideally placed to help you assess and exploit the opportunities, and minimise risks for your business in international markets. 
Through UHY’s global presence, UHY Dawgen is able to provide the on-the-ground knowledge and market insight which can be crucial for success in markets with often very different business cultures and practices.                                            
UHY’s professionals around the world are able to draw on the strong relationships and reputations developed in local markets to help facilitate business introductions and networking opportunities.  


From market assessments to establishing the most promising opportunities for your business, through to identifying distributors or agents and negotiating terms with customers, UHY Dawgen can help at every stage of breaking into new markets.
If you are looking to establish a joint venture or set up a physical base in an overseas location, we are able to provide practical advice across areas such as employment law, taxation, accounting practices and establishing subsidiary companies. 
Many clients have been helped with the issues around acquiring companies or assets in overseas markets.


  • Initial market research and assessment
  • Identification of competitors and potential targets
  • Cultural differences and customs
  • Business etiquette and protocol
  • Local business and political environment
  • Finance, grants and incentives
  • Taxation & business structures
  • Personal introductions and networking opportunities with relevant third parties
  • Finding business premises
  • Employing staff and human resource requirements and legislation
  • Accounting and auditing requirements such as Letter of Intent (LOI), due diligence process, Sale Purchase Agreement (SPA) / merger / joint venture/agency agreement, etc
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Legal | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants

Legal | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants:

While the relationships developed with clients are based on the core accountancy and advisory skills offered by UHY Dawgen, advice and guidance on a wide range of related professional services is also provided. 
Experts from UHY Dawgen have significant knowledge of practical areas of business administration such as company law, health and safety, employment and discrimination legislation.


On many business and corporate issues, both accountancy and legal skills are required and UHY Dawgen regularly work in partnership with legal services providers or are able to refer clients to trusted advisors.
UHY Dawgen have multidisciplinary legal advisory team that can deliver a broad range of legal services to meet your needs. 

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Corporate finance | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants

Corporate finance | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants:

Growing your business through mergers and acquisition, raising finance or looking to join public markets requires specialist advice.
UHY Dawgen provide a full range of corporate finance services, from initial assessment of strategy through to deal completion. 
In-depth knowledge of industry sectors and markets provides valuable insight into specific opportunities and risks for your company.
Corporate finance specialists assist clients to develop an acquisition approach, identify targets or interested parties, instigate negotiations and help conclude transactions.
Our membership in the UHY network means we are well-placed to provide advice and local knowledge to assist with foreign acquisitions and sales.


If you are looking to sell your business or plan an exit strategy, UHY Dawgen can help you with initial preparation, valuation and marketing to potential investors, negotiation through to tax minimisation and investment planning.
Clients considering a public offering can draw on the extensive experience within UHY member firms of listings on stock markets around the world.


  • Business valuations
  • Raising finance
  • Financial restructuring
  • Negotiations and vendor protections
  • IPOs/flotation
  • Management buy-outs/ins
  • Key management incentive schemes
  • Succession planning and development
  • Preparing businesses for sale
  • Exit strategies
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Private Client Services | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants

Private Client Services | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants:

Personal tax planning and wealth management are increasingly complex areas where expert advice can deliver significant long-term benefits for you and your family.

Our focus on open and trusting relationships means many individuals, owner-managers, directors and senior executives rely on our member firms to help protect their personal wealth and plan their financial future.
Specialist teams with UHY Dawgen provide a bespoke service covering all aspects of personal tax, wealth management and estate planning.

Achieving long-term financial goals

Regular financial reviews monitor progress against long term financial goals, ensure tax liabilities are minimised..
UHY Dawgen work with a significant number of family-owned businesses, often through successive generations, and have in-depth experience of the issues and difficulties than can arise with areas such as succession planning.
Many owner-managers are assisted with their forward planning for eventual sale of or handover of their businesses as they near retirement.
Inheritance tax planning and on options, including lifetime gifts and trusts to minimise tax liabilities for beneficiaries, are also provided.

Minimising tax exposure

In addition, we are well-placed to provide expert advice on expatriate tax issues for executives and employees being transferred or simply working outside of their home country.
Areas of expertise within UHY Dawgen include structuring of offshore assets and remuneration packages along with the protection of foreign assets from inheritance tax.
We can also advise on the reporting requirements for holdings in investments held outside of home countries.

Private client services provided by UHY Dawgen include:

  • Regular financial reviews
  • Advice on tax efficient investments and pensions
  • Income tax and capital gains tax planning
  • Partnerships tax advice and compliance
  • Advice on tax efficient use of trusts.
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Succession planning in family businesses
  • International tax planning for those with domicile or non-domicile status
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Management consulting & solutions | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants

Management consulting & solutions | UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants:

Success in today’s business environment means standing still is just not an option.
Companies and organisations need to constantly strive to work smarter by finding better and more cost effective ways of doing things, from staff recruitment and procurement to investment in IT infrastructure. 
UHY Dawgen will help you achieve your business goals through a full range of management consulting services.
A results-driven approach helps clients achieve solutions to specific needs, on time and within budget, whether for a one-off project or a wider brief.


As well as providing assistance with specific services such as executive search, project staffing and employee incentivisation, our member firms help clients evaluate outsourcing of non-core functions. 
Businesses can also benefit from using interim managers, perhaps to assist with a specific project such as implementation of a new IT project or supply chain optimisation.
UHY Dawgen clients have access to a range of skills and experience across the business spectrum and can benefit from best practice developed internationally.
Where projects or services are brought in house after initial development externally with clients to ensure a smooth transition.
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